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Adding functionnality to the planned tasks manager

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Windows XP presents, in the configuration panel, a directory of planned tasks, that allows to manage the properties of the planned tasks, that execute at the specified time, and that also allows to create a new task.

The GestTaches program also allows to display the list of planned tasks, it also allows to obtain a listing with the tasks that are planned in the next three days, in the order of their execution, supposing you do not start sessions during that time.

Different reasons (specially the fact that the creator of the task is not the user that modifies the properties) lead a task to be in error, so that it will not be executed. With Windows, the way to detect that is to observe afterwards that the task was not executed. In GestTache, the word 'En erreur' is displayed in big characters through the dialog box if the current task is in error (ask me if you want that expression in English in the program).

It is then possible to create the task again, by clicking on 'Raffraîchir tâche' (refresh the task). A user guide is available in French, it will be translated if required.

Nota : if the password of the creator is modified after the task is created, this will not always be detected by the program, a test will initiate the error status of the task.

If you installed the previous version of this program, that has no button to refresh the task ('Raffraîchir tâche'), it is suitable to uninstall it from the configuration panel (adding/suppressing a program), before to install this version. A task report that would have been created before would not be deleted by this handling. please extract the three files to a temporary directory, and then execute Setup.exe with the administrator rights
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