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LanceAppel2 : manage the phone number formats

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This page supposes you know what to put in your phone number format, and explains you how to get the application adopt it.

Please note that as the application has been released dated beginning January 2009, you need rights to modify a file in the folder of the program to be able to modify the formats list. In the most common cases this supposes to be an administrator. This avoids a user to prevent by error other ones to use a format. A finer management of errors in this domain should take place later.

Introduction of a new format

To begin with, please type the required format in the “format” zone. Click on “Select format”.

The “number” zone has adopted the new format (you see it with zeroes -0- and nines -9- replaced by underscores -_-). Furthermore, you can notice after dropping down the “formats” list, that the new format is added in the list. You will retrieve it automatically at each use of the program.

The same way, you can add other formats, that you will use for example if you call correspondents in other countries.

Selection of a format

If the wished format is already present in the dropdown list, you just have to select it in the list, and then click on “Select format”, so that it is applied to the “number” zone.

Suppressing a format

If you have added an erroneous or outdated format in the list, you can wish to suppress it to improve clarity.

First select it as explained in the previous section, and then click on “Cancel format” : the phone number can be entered freely, and a message box asks you whether you want to remove the format from the list.

Providing a formats list

The application saves the formats list in the “formats.txt” file, in the same folder as the program. So, you can provide a text file that contains a format per line, on condition that you do it while the program is closed.

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