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Prerequisites for LanceAppel2

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To use this program, you need :
  • a computer with Windows running on it (this program has been developed on Windows XP Home ; information about compatible versions is welcome ; I should not be surprised that Windows 3 is not compatible –a further study on this can appear useful, I composed phone numbers on MS-DOS with another program, via loudspeakers)
  • an analogical phone line (numeric lines are often installed in large offices, for which they provide specific advantages ; this program does not compose a phone number on a numeric line). If you are connected via an ADSL line, this program can be useful to you, provided you use the same phone as to connect on a traditional analogical line. If you need a specific phone to connect to an ADSL communication, this program is of no use.
  • an analogical modem between both (please pay attention, this is not an ADSL modem ; you can establish a phone communication on ADSL with software as instant messenger, it is not the same as composing a phone number for a communication on a commuted network as this program does. Think of this program as a way to compose a number on a quite traditional phone, but do not discourage if you have an ADSL connection, provided you also dispose of an analogical modem.
You have to connect all that together, so of course this implies that the analogical modem is installed on Windows. On versions like NT, XP, 2000, it is generally very simple, you just have to connect the modem (either to the serial port or to the USB port, depending on the model), and wait for messages near the clock. The modem must also be connected to the phone line, and to its power source if it is a model that requires one.

It can be needed to connect both the phone and the analogic modem to the line simultaneously. A trundle plug is not necessarily adapted as the modem disconnects the phone that is connected on it at certain moments. Thus, a multiple phone plug can be of great use.

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