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Receiving data via the clipboard

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The most handy use of the program is to transmit it data from another program. The LanceAppel or LanceAppel2 program is simply an interface between the window that contains your phonebook and the Windows dialer.

The received data is the selection when the program is launched, at the condition that no other alteration key as Ctrl is depressed (i.e. do not use shift or alt), as the copy is made by emulation of the Ctrl C key combination. In fact, you have two solutions : either you launch the program with a key combination without shift or alt, or you use the remanent keys (to learn about, please depress five times the shift key, and let the help show you the way).

The program is written to receive two pieces of data, i.e. the name of the correspondent and his/her phone number. The data can be received on two consecutive datasheet cells, or separated by a tabulation character or a column (;). To this date, the operated data is in the two first pieces (cells or data separated with tabulation or column), the name in the first one and the number in the second one. This was satisfactory as the first version was conceived, and now I realize I should plan an evolution to adapt to the new presentation of the diary on Internet.

As of January 22nd, the program can also receive data on two lines. If you downloaded the program between the 11th and the 22nd of January, feel free to update. If you downloaded before the 11th, the number is not properly tranmitted, please update.

Here are a few examples of selection that will tell LanceAppel2 to call the the speaking clock when launching it (thus after user validation), supposing that 08 99 70 05 67 is the number of the speaking clock available from where you call (not sure ...).

Speaking clock
08 99 70 05 67

or :

Speaking clock; 08 99 70 05 67

Presentation of the program

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