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While reading something on your computer, it can happen that for an expression you need an explanation, and that for this you wish to search for it on the Internet.

The NavRecherche program sends the Ctrl C key combination on the active window to copy the selected text to the clipboard, and then opens a navigator window to launch an Internet search on this text, by default on

Be careful when launching a program that simulates a key combination : this one can interfere with the key combination that launches the program. The most simple to avoid this is to use the remanent keys -see the Windows documentation.  Under Windows XP, depress 'Windows F1', type 'remanent keys', and validate.

Another solution is to copy the text yourself to the clipboard before launching the program.

Mandatory It is possible to choose another search engine, for this execute the program with the /P argument on the command line, in its directory, after you carefully took note of the URL of search in your engine with a specified search, distinguishing the part before the search argument, and the part after it. This operation is to be executed only once, when you decide to change the search engine. This application is adapted to a rather stable choice concerning the search engine, if this is not your case please precise your need.

(This is mandatory, but if you do not do it, the results will be in French.)
Launching To launch this program you will need a shortcut, that you can place on the Windows office or in the start menu. A handy application also exists at this address, nevertheless I am not aware of an English speaking version.

Of course, this application needs the ability to connect to Internet. Users in a net can have to contact their net manager. The program sources can be provided.

During the migration of this page, I discovered a search engine called I also saw that NavRecherche has to be modified to correctly implement searches with accentuated characters on exalead. I am afraid this will wait a few weeks as I have to add a few components to this site. To install :
Download, by clicking next here. Extract the three files that it contains, to a temporary directory, and then execute Setup.exe with administrator rights. This installs NavRecherche.exe, for which you need ability to connect to Internet (for this, contact your net manager if needed, or manage your firewall)
Actuality about this program I realized that due to a programmation error, this program closes when reduced as icon. Further more, I realized that one search engine is not always sufficient, you can need one for current searches, a few ones for translations, and a few ones for definitions. So, I wrote a version 2 with .Net, that improves those both points. I am waiting for the answer of the hoster about the encryption of passwords, before subscribing enough place for this new version.


This program exists in a new version, that corrects the tendancy to close when reduced as an icon, and that allows to select a server among a modifiable list of several ones. 

That new version will be on line on the new version of the site. Do not hesitate to use the mail to request to be informed. 


More details about extracting files from a Zip in Windows XP 

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