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Enlarged position of Internet Explorer

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This program aims to be used joined to a toolbar as Ms-Office, that can display as 'automatically placed'. In this mode, the toolbar displays on the title bar of a window that is enlarged full screen. Generally speaking, once you know what application is opened and with what file, it is no matter that the title bar is hidden by something, this is what the 'automatically placed' mode is based on. Nevertheless, in the case of Internet Explorer, the name of the page appears in the title bar, and it appears suitable to be able to read it.

Once you opened Internet Explorer, launch PositionneIE, and the title bar of Internet Explorer, in enlarged mode, will display a little lower, so that you can read it under the Ms-Office toolbar in 'automatically placed' mode.

Please pay attention, this modifies the size of the Internet Explorer window, but this size is not saved, whereas the position of the upperleft corner is saved in the parameters of Internet Explorer. If you do not mind in what order you close the programs, the lower part of the IE window (so, classically, the status bar) will then not be visible.

So, it is suitable to proceed so : before closing the last Internet Explorer window, please depress the F12 key. A little beep sounds, and Internet Explorer, in enlarged position, occupies all the available part of the screen again. You can then close Internet Explorer normally.

Only the program is proposed, you are supposed to have installed the VB execution kit. This is available on Microsoft's site, or is installed with other programs of this site, that are proposed with an installation program.


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